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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Oct 29, 2000  4:21 pm
Subject:  Programmers: SymbolBank file number 4 posted

October 29, 2000

Dear SW List:
For programmers working with SignWriting symbols...yesterday we had
three symbol-table-files uploaded on the we have four.
See number 4 below:

SymbolBank Database 1:
1995 SW Symbol Set compared to 1999 SW Symbol Set


1. Acrobat .pdf file
SignWriting Handshapes 1999

2. Acrobat .pdf file
SignWriting Handshapes 1995-1999


3. Acrobat .pdf file
SignWriting Contact & Finger
Movement Symbols 1995-1999

4. Acrobat .pdf file
SignWriting Straight Movement
Symbols Wall Plane 1995-1999

Hope this helps your programming work...

There are some special cases in the fourth file, so write to me if
you need an explanation. Arrowheads were handled in an unusual
fashion in the old 1995 SW4.3 file format. It was improved later, but
when creating conversion programs, you will need to understand the
special cases in the old symbol set.

There is also a conversion program written in Java, posted on the web
too. Hopefully, between these tables and that conversion program, you
will be able to figure it out ;-)

I have around 8 more symbol tables to complete, which may take
several weeks...I will go on to other work now, and try to do more
next weekend -

Feel free to write with questions -

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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