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From:  Dawn McReynolds
Date:  Wed Nov 1, 2000  9:33 pm
Subject:  Re: INSTRUCTION: Typing SW Fingerspelling

*Sigh* ok I give up. I tried to use the right button and got a normal open,
send to etc... Val would you pleaseeeee try to send me it in private email?

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From: "Valerie Sutton"
Sent: Wednesday, November 01, 2000 11:09 AM
Subject: Re: INSTRUCTION: Typing SW Fingerspelling

> On 10/31/00, Dawn McReynolds wrote:
> >Val, My Corel program keeps coming up when I try to download the
> >fonts can you suggest anything that I'm doing wrong?
> >Dawn
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> SignWriting List
> November 1, 2000
> Hi Everyone & Dawn -
> Did you know that everyone's computer works differently, and looks
> different and acts differently?...The very nature of computers gives
> you the flexibility to work as you wish, but it takes time to find
> out how to do certain things...
> And in Dawn's case, Dawn may have installed it Corel Draw?
> I do not know that program, but I can guess that maybe when you
> installed it, Dawn, it automatically placed a "Corel Plug-In" in your
> Internet Explorer program - the program you use to browse the
> internet with is probably Internet Explorer or Netscape...and in both
> cases, you can use Plug-Ins to divert programs directly to that
> software, such as Corel.
> So when you clicked on the Sutton US font for Windows up on our web
> site because you wanted to download it....instead of downloading the
> font as it was supposed to...Corel's plug-in software interrupted the
> process and forced you to open Corel - that is my guess.
> I had the same problem with the Adobe Acrobat Plug-In with Internet
> Explorer. Everytime I try to download a .pdf file on the web, the
> Plug-In would force the computer to open the Acrobat program and read
> the file while I was still on the web...Although that is an
> interesting feature, it did not download the file to my hard drive -
> so I was frustrated by that Plug-In....some of these fancy features
> in new software are not always welcome and you have to eliminate
> anything you do not want to use on your computer, so you can work the
> way you need to....
> SO...there are several solutions...
> 1. Call the tech support for Corel and ask them what to do?
> 2. Read instructions online for Corel or Internet Explorer.
> 3. Try to "un-install" any plug-ins...
> 4. Try to download from ANOTHER computer....
> 5. Ask someone else to sit down at your computer to figure it out
> 6. If all else fails, I can send you the file as an attachment to
> your private email address...but it would be a good idea for you to
> try to download first, since it is a simple process...and you will
> need the skill later...
> You might also check your hard drive to see if the file actually
> downloaded and was placed somewhere on your hard drive, and you just
> didn't realize it...
> Go under Find or Search and try to see if you can find the file -
> Good luck with this, Dawn - and keep trying til you succeed!
> --
> Val ;-)
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Valerie Sutton
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