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From:  Lourdes Tollette
Date:  Thu Nov 2, 2000  5:34 am
Subject:  Re: Sutton fonts


ICQ mean I see you... There is free software download.... IT was like
send message back anf forth while we are online... also there have chat
it was excalty same as TTY user.... and when someone was not online
but still you can send message it is almost like leave the message on
answer machione. When u get online and u will see the cute yellow note
flash mean you got the message from someone... And same thing answer
machine light flash mean you got message from someone, Right? Anyway you
click the yellow note and open it up and there is message.... I have been
use ICQ for long time and there is ALOT deaf people use ICQ. ICQ is the
best one because AOL buddy didnt have leave the message while the person
was offline... IT must have online then you can send message. That is AOL
buddy. I didnt like AOL buddy but it is still work for only have to be

Like Other person have fingerspelling font and I have too then we can
commcation on ICQ while we use fingerspelling font. If Other person don t
have and I have.. Then it wont work but other person still read my
message only APLHA instand of fingerspelling font. But for me I still
typing fingerspelling font because I have it. Understand? Bill Resse
mmight want to explain more... Hey Bill, Go ahead explain! :-)

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>However, just like in ICQ, if the other person doesn't have Sutton font,
>they will not see it.
>Bill Reese


SignWriting List
November 1, 2000

OK. Thanks for all your points! Before I answer them, perhaps you
could explain to the List...

What is ICQ? ;-)

Remember, there are 24 countries on the SW List, and not everyone
knows American computer terminology!!

Many thanks ;-)

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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