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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Nov 12, 2000  10:03 pm
Subject:  INSTRUCTION: Reading Finger Projection

At 4:26 PM -0200 11/10/00, SignNet-MCT-PUCRS wrote:
Here in our basic course of sign writing and teaching the third group
of handshapes all the deaf (and I really mean ALL of them), just
didn't agree with the right and left symbols..

SignWriting List
November 12, 2000

Dear SW List and SignNet!

I smiled when I read your message about not agreeing on these handshapes!

I remember feeling quite frustrated with them myself years ago! And
the reason is...we have a logical way to write fingers projecting
towards you....we use dots. Well....that was fine with very simple
positions...but when lots of fingers got involved, it became

So I would like to share this web page with you:

Projecting Fingers

Please read the explanation on that web page.

In the attached diagram, taken from Steve Parkhurst's book and
illustrations, you will see that whenever the thumb, or a finger,
protrudes straight towards the reader, or straight away from the
reader, it can be written as a dot...the handshape in this diagram is
the thumb projecting as it changes palm facing, the look
of the thumb changes, mirroring the way it happens in real life...the
dot represents the tip of the thumb coming right at you...

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