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From:  Nancy Cole
Date:  Tue Nov 14, 2000  12:50 am
Subject:  Re: INSTRUCTION: Typing SW Fingerspelling

Great idea!  Also, one of the kids wrote a poem about me, cute, perhaps I
will share it, better yet, now that I'm getting the hang of typing
signwriting.  My students enjoy it very much.  Especially Donny, I told
Valerie about the first time he typed on his own.  I was learning the
keyboard, along with my kids, and he typed out his first words.  He made the
sign "mad."  That's the first time he has had any enthusiasium to write his
own ideas, so I feel like this is a tremendous step for him.  I'll be sending
pictures of my kids soon.  

Anyways, and Albuquerque....we will be going up there soon.  I still need to
contact NMSD.  I've been sick this past few weeks, so bare with me.  We will
try for next month.  I need time to recuperate.  Thanks so much for your

Smile Everyone!
Nancy Cole

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4189 Thanks for sharing ;-) Valerie Sutton Tue  11/14/2000

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