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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Nov 14, 2000  2:10 pm
Subject:  Thanks for sharing ;-)

Thanks for sharing this, Nancy!

I am so glad to know that you are now typing SignWriting - congrats!

We look forward to seeing your pictures....

Val ;-)


On 11/13/00, Nancy Cole wrote:
>Great idea! Also, one of the kids wrote a poem about me, cute, perhaps I
>will share it, better yet, now that I'm getting the hang of typing
>signwriting. My students enjoy it very much. Especially Donny, I told
>Valerie about the first time he typed on his own. I was learning the
>keyboard, along with my kids, and he typed out his first words. He made the
>sign "mad." That's the first time he has had any enthusiasium to write his
>own ideas, so I feel like this is a tremendous step for him. I'll be sending
>pictures of my kids soon.
>Anyways, and Albuquerque....we will be going up there soon. I still need to
>contact NMSD. I've been sick this past few weeks, so bare with me. We will
>try for next month. I need time to recuperate. Thanks so much for your
>Smile Everyone!
>Nancy Cole

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