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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Nov 14, 2000  1:49 pm
Subject:  Re: OK! I need your opinions ;-))....

On 11/13/00, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
>I understood the sign in the middle as if the thumb is directing towards me
>(for example my mouth in the German sign for Kakao) It feels strange looking
>at the thumb written this way on top of the square - but I got used to it -
>forearm up, thumb sticking straight towards me ...)

SignWriting List
November 14, 2000

Hi Everyone, and Stefan -

It is interesting that you said you "got used to it"...that is an
important statement, since you could memorize it and use it, even if
it seemed illogical....

It is exactly the same with writing English....this spelling "light"
was based on an old pronunciation of that word. We now say "lite" or
something like that, but we still spell it illogically - that always
annoyed me as a child, but I had no choice but to do what the rest of
society does...

I agree completely that the symbol you show below is awful - I always
hated it myself - But we had some people mis-read it before -
developing these symbols is a complicated task -

Although I know exactly why I chose to do what I did would
literally take pages of explanation to show you why the inconsistency
came into being - in some rare places the palm facing was mis-read -
but by making it "different" it was not mis-read -

In this particular case, the dot for the thumb would truly solve the
problem, and I suspect in this handshape, it would be to our
advantage to make improvements...although it needs to be tested too.

I feel there are other solutions we can use for the future, but it
will take time for the symbols to become available, both in computer
programs and in textbooks...

So thanks for pointing out that inconsistent symbol - you are right -
it can be improved!

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