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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Tue Nov 14, 2000  4:38 pm
Subject:  Re: dots

He Wendy, Val and Listmembers,

in this case I would prefer the left verson with the line for thumb -

It reminds me of the problem to switch between frontview and topview within
the same sign. In this case the four fingers are lined up - one behind the
other - as it is shown by the back of the hand to the right.

With the dot I have to rearange the position for the thumb - as if it is not
within the row - but it is ??

So in this case I guess that the "old" version with the thumb would be the
best ! (at least for me --Ha!)

Stefan ;-)

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From: Valerie Sutton
Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2000 2:52 PM
Subject: Re: dots

> At 11:43 PM -0500 11/13/00, Wendy Windley wrote:
> >ok i am lost ...maybe i am too new at sign but i have NO idea what
> >you all are talking about!
> >wendy
> SignWriting List
> November 14, 2000
> Wendy - sorry we confused you...and welcome to the SignWriting List!
> We have been discussing the following...
> In the ASL sign for "Father", the thumb touches the forehead twice.
> The thumb is hard to write, because you can only see the tip of the
> thumb coming straight towards you.
> So we have two ways to write that...with a line, or with a
> dot....which version do you like better?

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