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From:  Bill Reese
Date:  Wed Nov 15, 2000  4:35 pm
Subject:  Re: SignNet, Everyone, please look at this ;-))

I'm going to jump in here with a question. Were other shapes considered
before for the positions when the fingers are pointing either away from
you or towards you? And perhaps a different location of that symbol?

For instance, in this last description here, for hand position 1 and 5,
since all the fingers seem to be pointing either away or towards you, I
got a visual of an oval representing all the fingers. This oval is above
a square shape representing the hand. In position 1, both the square and
oval are white. In position 5, both are black. The thumb would be
represented by a line touching the "fingers"

In this way, if finger representations are made outside of the hand
symbol, then it would be easier to handwrite them.


Bill Reese

Valerie Sutton wrote:

> On 11/15/00, joe martin wrote:
> >So, if the palm was facing *directly away* from me, then fingers
> >pointing to the right means it is my right hand? These are fingers
> >that are actually not visible; fingers that I could show using the
> >little dots/circles if I chose to. joe, student.
> SignWriting List
> November 15, 2000
> Joe - Thanks for this great question. Although position number 5 is
> supposed to mean the fingers pointing straight forward (away from
> you) sure doesn't look like it, does it?!!
> Nor does position number 1 look like fingers are pointing back
> towards the chest either - that is the very reason why we are having
> this conversation!
> And I would love to use dots with number 1 and 5, but the problem is
> that some handshapes cannot be read as quickly by children with
> dots...and some can...each handshape is a "case by case" basis -
> That is why I so strongly feel that we should be relaxed about this.
> Each sign must be written intuitively, and each sign cannot be boxed
> into one way of writing...the reason SignWriting works, is because it
> is intutitive...I generally choose to use numbers 2, 3 or 4 the most,
> because they are "relating to the center of the body", where signs
> tend to focus...but others may choose differently - and that is the
> way it has to be...Others are welcome to write up their lists and
> rules...and I look forward to sharing with them...I will also write
> up my ideas, and hopefully post it on the web in the next month or
> so...
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