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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Nov 15, 2000  5:27 pm
Subject:  Re: SignNet, Everyone, please look at this ;-))

At 11:35 AM -0500 11/15/00, Bill Reese wrote:
>I'm going to jump in here with a question. Were other shapes considered
>before for the positions when the fingers are pointing either away from
>you or towards you? And perhaps a different location of that symbol?

SignWriting List
November 15, 2000

Thanks Bill for this comment. Yes, for 25 years we have been
considering each handshape - We would try maybe ten choices and then
ask people's opinions. Then we would make changes and find out if
they worked. You can tell pretty fast if people cannot read the sign
immediately. And then back to the drawing board, trying to improve it
again...and so it goes on forever and forever!!

So...I would love to see your ideas ;-))

Please create visual diagrams of what you have in mind, and then
create a .GIF and send it to the SW List - when we see your ideas
visually, we will then get feedback - it will be fun!

Thanks for your contributions -

By the way, the handshapes in question can be written with dots - it
is just hard to get one handshape that is easy for everyone -

So I look forward to seeing your attached file..

Have a great day everyone!

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