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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Nov 16, 2000  12:01 am
Subject:  Re: SignNet, Everyone, please look at this ;-))

>On 4, I wouldn't use it at all for the right hand, from the sequence I'd go
>from 3 to 5. The back of the hand should always be the opposite rotation
>from the front of the hand, not the same one.

SignWriting List
November 15, 2000

Hello Charles, and Everyone!

Thanks for your great diagrams, Charles...I enjoyed reading them -
and by the way - your Carmen Miranda posting long ago was absoultely
wonderful...It was written well and gave me a good chuckle (which I
am in need of these days)... regards to these 5 palm facings...I am not going to throw
out the diagonal positions just because you don't want to use them -
I like writing hands on the diagonal, and if I want to, I will!

But of course, I respect your decisions too!

So there are five positions - back, back-diagonal, side,
forward-diagonal and forward...and people can choose what they want
to use...

I am just glad I was able to pin that down, because I have a lot of
documents with the diagonal positions...

So go right ahead and analyze what works for you...I think it is
fascinating ;-)

And your other posting was charming too with all the Christmas holly
- so sorry it has taken me so long to tell you that!

My best -

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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