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From:  James R Womack
Date:  Sat Oct 10, 1998  3:32 pm
Subject:  Re: Interested in a conference?

What we have on hand:

Lecture room that seats 63 people in ascending
tables so all have a clear view.

Each table has a monitor linked to the teacher's
computer ( has both a Mac and an IBM ). Monitors
are under glass tops and slightly forward so you
just glance down to see what's displayed.

Teacher computer can on request have Internet

Software, tech people only have to be told what you
want and they install it.

Wall-size screen and wall-size white board.

21 inch TV/4-head VCR.

On request, computer and/or TV can be linked to a
Polaroid or Proxima projector for displays on wall-size

Any special needs can requested. Only catch is I have to know
well in advance as room 2631 is quite popular. We do have a
less well equipped similar conference room at our West Charleston
campus and two like it at the main Cheyenne campus. For thsoe interested,
we also have a state of the art language lab which was primarily designed
around the
needs of ASL students. An even more hi-tech lab is being built in nearby
that uses the DIVAC system.

James R. Womack
ASL Instructor
Community College of Southern Nevada

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