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From:  Cindy Neuroth-Gimbrone
Date:  Tue Oct 6, 1998  1:04 am
Subject:  Interested in a conference?

Good Morning,

I am considering putting together a small conference on the topic of
writing/notational systems of indigenous languages (development,
applications and literacy) which would include signed languages. I would
like to know if you would attend a conference on this subject and if yes,
what sorts of topics under the general title you would attend and/or be
willing to share your expertise.

If you have other comments or suggestions, they would be most welcome.
Please reply to me personally and I will summarize for the list if

Thank you and have a good day,

Cindy Neuroth-Gimbrone, Director
The Center for Independent Scholarship, Teaching and Research (CISTR)
P.O. Box 65331
Tucson, Arizona 85728-5331
(520) 577-1618 v/tdd
(520) 295-4337 fax
Adjunct Writing Instructor
Pima Community College - West Campus
2209 Anklam Road
Tucson, Arizona 85709

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