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From:  denny99
Date:  Fri Nov 17, 2000  10:59 pm
Subject:  Re: animated gif

A SignWriting annimation which says
D'Wild West.....this would be distributed
to about 50 people who in turn would
place it on their web sites....that would
be excellent press or public relations....
Denny Lancaster

Stefan Woehrmann wrote:

 ...I belong to a group called D'Wild West.  Would
you like to make one that annimates the group?
I could get that good press.
denny lancaster Hello Denny and listmembers Thank you so much for your kind feed-back . I felt honoured  - so much attention  - Hmmm Please tell me once more  "that annimates the group? I could get that good press. "  What does this mean ? Two more explanations please - If there is more comment about anything I get a better chance to get the idea - it´s not easy to have conversation in another language/culture!But this way I get  constant reminded of the difficulties my Deaf friends have to overcome. And that is great to keep me sensitive .... you know ... ! SW  helps a lot to support the literacy process on both sides ;-) BTW -  the animated gif says :  Hello, Welcome here at SW Germany It is part of a project - I´m going to run a special homepage "GebaerdenSchrift"  (= SW) Germany -So I´m looking for materials to invite people to browse through different chapters - but I didn´t know before that web-Design is soooooo complicated !!!As soon as it is done I´ll inform you !  All the best Stefan ;-)

Denny Lancaster

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