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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Nov 24, 2000  10:32 pm
Subject:  Re: animated gif

On November 17, Denny Lancaster wrote:
"Stefan......... A SignWriting annimation which says D'Wild
West.....this would be distributed to about 50 people who in turn
would place it on their web sites....that would be excellent press or
public relations.... Denny Lancaster, "

Then Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
"Hello Denny and listmembers Thank you so much for your kind
feed-back . I felt honoured - so much attention - Hmmm Please tell
me once more "that annimates the group? I could get that good press.
" What does this mean ? Two more explanations please - If there is
more comment about anything I get a better chance to get the idea -
itīs not easy to have conversation in another language/culture!

November 24, 2000

Hello SignWriting List Members, and Stefan and Denny!

For List members from the USA, I hope you are enjoying your
holiday....It is Thanksgiving Holiday week in the USA...

I have been in bed with the flu for five days, but I am starting to
get up and around again, and I enjoyed opening my email box to see
all the nice messages - thank you!

Stefan's wonderful animation has had a profound and positive effect
on many people...We are grateful to you, Stefan, for the blessings
you are giving us, including your new hompage "",
which I know will be very important for those who use SignWriting in
Germany ;-)

I can see by the above message, Denny, that you requested animation.
Did you want American Sign Language? As you know, signed languages
are not international, and SignWriting is used differently all over
the world. For example, Stefan animated German Sign Language, which
is different than the way we sign here in the US.

What is so exciting about Stefan's animation is that it really looks
like someone in Germany is standing in front of us and signing in
German Sign Language!! - Whether we understand the signs or not - it
looks like real signing - and that is the real accomplishment of this
beautifully animated piece.

I liked the choice of the shoulder line in the animation. That gave a
feeling of the human body - and I am sure there were hundreds of
positions written to make the animation work so smoothly.

Stefan, I can see you asked for explanations about our American
culture....Please forgive us for assuming that because you speak,
read and write English beautifully, that you would automatically know
our culture too...That is unfair of us ;-)

Denny said: "that would be excellent press or public relations". What
does that mean? I will try to explain, although I am sure my
explanation will be imperfect....

In the US culture, we live in a more commercial society than other
societies. Unfortunately, in our world, we have become used to seeing
commercial web site...there are flashing, animated
advertisements....(by the way, a lot of Americans find that very least I do.... so just because it is there, it does
not mean that we all necessarily like this cultural trend...).

But your animation of German Sign Language is different! It draws
attention to the eye without being "commercial". So it is a very
positive form of animation...that is what Denny meant.

"Excellent press" means that news writers will be impressed. Denny
was saying that your animation would bring attention from the media,
such as newspapers, web sites and television. The term "public
relations" is referring to the job of "reaching the general public"
to promote an idea or an organization - Here in the US people make
their livings as "Public Relations" experts. They are like diplomats,
trying to encourage people to consider new ideas ;-)

For example, people tell me that the SignWriting List is good "public
relations" for SignWriting. Why? Because the SignWriting provides the
public with information about a new idea.

Hope this small explanation helped...

Best to everyone -

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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