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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Nov 27, 2000  1:24 am
Subject:  Re: Translation Challenge: Can You Read The ASL?

SignWriting List
November 26, 2000

Hello Everyone, and Bill!

Thanks for the translation below, Bill...What fun!

Can someone else fill-in the question marks Bill wrote below?

Just go to

And scroll down...

Go to Nancy Romero's story: "A Giraffe Named Ivan", written in
American Sign Language. You will find that the story has NO English

Later this week I will share the English translation written by the author ;-)

Thanks for your contribution, Bill -

Val ;-)


Bill Reese wrote:

>Ok, I don't know much ASL. I'm late-deafened. English is my language,
>Conceptually Accurate Signed English (CASE) is how I express that
>language in sign. My sign skills are probably 4th grade level. ;-)
>Here's my attempt at translating, literally:
>giraffe his name ivan. by nancy romero. number(?) thirteen yesterday.
>pause i car monorail. there south dakota wild animal park. we party,
>mistake, see giraffe he named ivan there line collect shoes (?) red
>polish(?)! your line owe money.
>giraffe collect, shoes there searching, (?) (?) contact embarass boss
>there simba station. boat, (?) pause can I (?), shoes (?). giraffe
>finish put. boss said, ok, wonderful, take care. giraffe, (?) (?). fine,
>pause, I (?), people only pay attention line (?).
>work, hear me (?), (?) can. now, i (?), safe, wait. you two watch(?).
>you tornado see! your turn i finished. announce, (?) hill giraffe you
>(?) (?). shoes, me (?) (?). people you (pl)(?) excited, me mine. finish,
>ok, maybe I'm 1st grade level.... ;-)
>I tried!!
>Bill Reese

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