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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Nov 28, 2000  11:21 pm
Subject:  Re: Handshape (Brazil)

At 3:16 PM -0200 11/27/00, SignNet-MCT-PUCRS wrote:
Here we are again with some doubts. We have a handshape that we're
trying to figure out how to write it.
Description: index and baby finger up / thumb,middle and ring finger
forward tips touch
It may be


Which do you think represents it better ? This handshape is used in
signs 'Bolivia', 'Lhama', etc... Thank you ! SignNet-MCT-PUCRS


SignWriting List
November 28, 2000

Hello Everyone, and SignNet!

Thank you for your question....

Cute looks a little like a lhama, which I guess lives
in Bolivia! ;-)

This handshape is used when writing Japanese fingerspelling, and
there is a slight difference in the way we write it. Let me take a
look at the Japanese fingerspelling chart, which I have on the web,
and I will then post my complete response to the List soon...

Once you learn the theories behind writing different fingers, you
should be able to construct new handshapes in the future without
doubts ;-)

You seem to be very busy in Porto Alegre! I think that is great ;-)

Please send my best wishes to everyone -

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