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From:  Bill Reese
Date:  Thu Nov 30, 2000  6:36 pm
Subject:  Re: Spelling -question : angle -hands parallel to the floor


Ok, I'm going to jump in here like the naive signwriting person I am and
ask why we can't make that diagonal representation line diagonal.

Like this:

Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> November 30, 2000
> Hello Everyone, and SignNet!
> Yes...I am well aware of this!!
> SignWriting Printing (typed by computer) and SignWriting Handwriting
> (cursive written by hand) are different.
> Because the Printing is typed by computer, we can type more
> sophisticated-looking symbols. More details can technically be typed,
> and read by others, simply because the computer gives us that
> capability.
> But we all know that writing by hand is harder. And when we write
> spoken languages by hand, we do not include as much information as
> when we type by computer.
> The horizontal-axis line means the horizon. In SW Printing, we can
> type the symbols easily, so we are able to give more detail, showing
> the differences between the Diagonal Plane and the Floor Plane
> horizontal axis.
> In SW Handwriting, we never thought the differentiation was
> necessary. In other words, we never bothered to write both the
> Diagonal Plane and the Floor Plane - the slash just meant the
> horizon, and we all assumed it was parallel to the floor.
> I personally feel we do not need the details in the Printing either,
> but if people really want to write those details in the Printing,
> then of course they can.
> Please see the attached diagram ;-)
> Name: Print-Hand.gif
> Print-Hand.gif Type: GIF Image (image/gif)
> Encoding: base64

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