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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Nov 30, 2000  6:02 pm
Subject:  Re: Spelling -question : angle -hands parallel to the floor

At 2:59 PM -0200 11/30/00, SignNet-MCT-PUCRS wrote:
>Hi, people !
>We think that the trouble with this kind of representation of the
>diagonal plane is that it's the same to represent the floor plane in
>cursive writing...

SignWriting List
November 30, 2000

Hello Everyone, and SignNet!

Yes...I am well aware of this!!

SignWriting Printing (typed by computer) and SignWriting Handwriting
(cursive written by hand) are different.

Because the Printing is typed by computer, we can type more
sophisticated-looking symbols. More details can technically be typed,
and read by others, simply because the computer gives us that

But we all know that writing by hand is harder. And when we write
spoken languages by hand, we do not include as much information as
when we type by computer.

The horizontal-axis line means the horizon. In SW Printing, we can
type the symbols easily, so we are able to give more detail, showing
the differences between the Diagonal Plane and the Floor Plane
horizontal axis.

In SW Handwriting, we never thought the differentiation was
necessary. In other words, we never bothered to write both the
Diagonal Plane and the Floor Plane - the slash just meant the
horizon, and we all assumed it was parallel to the floor.

I personally feel we do not need the details in the Printing either,
but if people really want to write those details in the Printing,
then of course they can.

Please see the attached diagram ;-)

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