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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Sun Dec 3, 2000  12:24 am
Subject:  SW -spelling - fotos - your opinion

Hi Valerie and listmembers,
You know the situation  - (well not you Valerie -- but the others of us! ,-)
there are special gestures/signs - no problem how to write them in SW -
but there are these other nasty problems - hmm -  how to write .... ?
We simply can post our spelling suggetions - I guess that this will motivate many listmembers to
have a close look at SW- spelling - questions
what do you think about the idea to post photos   - how many - how often???  - in order to
discuss spelling problems.
The point is that we could exchange our ideas about basic spelling-questions no complicated rotations, just the start - or endposition - frozen movement.
I asked a very very famous German talkmaster for his support. He is on TV 4 times a week and very popular. His gestures and facial expressions are wonderfull materials.
So what do you think ?
I can offer new wonderfull photos as often as you want to ;-)
Would love to read as many comments as possible.
All the best
Stefan ;-)

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