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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Dec 3, 2000  12:16 am
Subject:  Re: SW -spelling - fotos - your opinion

At 12:24 AM +0000 12/3/00, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:

>I asked a very very famous German talkmaster for his support. He is
>on TV 4 times a week and very popular. His gestures and facial
>expressions are wonderfull materials.
>So what do you think ? I can offer new wonderfull photos as often as
>you want to ;-) Would love to read as many comments as possible.


SignWriting List
December 2, 2000

Hello Everyone, and Stefan!

Your photo is such an outstanding quality...I can see you have
excellent skill, equipment and software!! ;-))

And I recognize the man in the picture. I receive some German
television here in California..... We have an international channel,
and they have an hour of German TV, an hour of French TV
a half hour from Scandinavia daily too...Italy, etc....great service.

In regards to the idea of a "Photos-In-SignWriting" online course,
you are most welcome to run this if you would like, Stefan - I would
love to see others contribute more. I personally am overbooked, so I
will not be able to run it, but please feel free to do so, and I look
forward to reading the messages ';-)

And you never know, I just might not be able to resist answering
occasionally - ha!!

However, on the other side of that picture, I think you should all
know that I cannot take any more stress right now - I have been quite
depressed that I cannot complete the important jobs before I
must put those first...I hope you will understand - I am way too hard
on myself...and there are times when I do not cope well...

Just so you all know, the jobs I am working on are: 1. writing the
manuals and packaging SignWriter 4.4....2. completing important
databases for computer programmers......3. posting files that will
help people in different countries write translations of our
textbooks in their languages - there are three countries waiting for
these specific files and no one can work without my completing the daily mail, fulfilling orders and trying to raise

So please go right ahead, Stefan and others!

Could you post the "Photos-In-SignWriting" questions and answers on
your new web site, Stefan?

That would be great!

Val ;-)

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