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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Tue Dec 5, 2000  12:52 am
Subject:  Re: animated gif - the magician


Hi Henk,

thanks for your message.
Well Iīm afraid that you will have to attend the performance of this
magician some times again. After that you will realize that all what he
wants to express is his happyness.
He isnīt sad at all ?
He smiles at the beginning - he smiles in the end - itīs his mimic and
movement that should attract the attention of the spectators who get lost
for a couple of seconds - watching him doing his job.

In fact - there is a funny competition within our team who is going to reat
the next interesting animated gif. We are interested to get familiar with
all the possibilities of the keyboard SW 4.3

Using all different kinds of shapes, symbols, creating new combinations -
this will help to memorize the positions of the symbols as well as the
commands - ;-)

So just take it as what it is - a magician at his performance - donīt try
to understand anything I could have had on my mind . itīs you who is able
to enjoy or to interpret or to let ideas come and go -

The special point with this guy is that he is talking in the end - but
nowbody is able to understand - lipreading is not so easy (hihihi)
He shows how interesting it can be to use so many SW - symbols - no problem
to him - If you want to - he might tell you that SW is a wonderfull thing to
deal with ---
All of this is done only with SW 4.3 -- I mean we didnīt accept any
manipulations with other paint or photo-programms. So this gives us an
impression how detailed you can write . if you want to -

In the last three weeks my SW- spelling changed pretty much. I include more
and more facial expressions and - cued speach aspects - the mouth shows
different shapes which helps to interpret many German signs easier -

All the best to all of you and thanks for your comments

Stefan ;-)

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From: henk pel
Sent: Monday, December 04, 2000 8:13 PM
Subject: Re: animated gif - the magician

> Well I looked at the magician a few times more. The more I looked, the
> I realized how much time and effort it must have taken to produce. What
> I get out of it?..... He lifts off his hat and he is sad that he does not
> have any hair. He gets an idea to make a wig from the plume that fell off
> his hat. With as new button on his coat he is now all dressed up to party.
> He is happy
> about the snow and he drinks a toast to us all!
> Let me know if I'm close and thanks for a wonderful animation,
> Henk

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