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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Dec 20, 2000  3:09 pm
Subject:  Re: Did everyone stop writing?

>I just noticed I haven't gotten any SW mail since 12/14. Is there a problem
>with the list or did everyone suddenly stop writing?
>Mark Penner
>Tokyo, Japan

SignWriting List
December 20, 2000

Dear SignWriting List Members, and Mark!

Yes...Everyone did stop writing. There is nothing wrong with the List
or the software that runs it!

It is holiday time here in the US, but perhaps not in Japan? I am not
sure whether Christmas is celebrated in Japan or not...but here, this
is a stressful and busy time.

I will be blessed with guests from Brazil the day after
Christmas...December 26th.

Antonio Carlos da Rocha Costa has spearheaded the computerization of
SignWriting in Brazil, working with the SignNet Project, and
developing SWML (SignWriting Markup Language)...which will lay the
groundwork for other computer programmers to develop their own
software using SignWriting.

So you can imagine my surprise and pleasure, when I learned that
Antonio Carlos is coming to ask me technical questions about
SWML....Remember the lists of symbols I started preparing back in
October, comparing the symbols used in 1995 with the symbols used in
1999? You can look at those "Symbol Lists" on the web anytime:


Well....I never finished all the Symbol Lists...there are around five
more databases to be done, so I am trying to complete that work by
December 26th, when our guests arrive!!

That is why I have not been writing to the List lately (grin ;-)....

I want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday, and a very special New
Year celebration!!

And many blessings for year 2001...I look forward to working with all
of you in the New Year!!

Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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