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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Dec 29, 2000  8:11 pm
Subject:  SignWriting Programming In Brazil ;->

SignWriting List
December 29, 2000

Dear SignWriting List Members!

I look forward to reading your recent messages!

In the past few days I have not been online....Instead I have been
totally emersed in fascinating conversations about computer
programming with my Brazilian guests, Antonio Carlos da Rocha Costa
and his beautiful wife Grašaliz, from Pelotas in sourthern Brazil.
They just left my home a few hours ago, driving north to Los Angeles
to take the long flight back to Brazil. We live on the other side of
the world from each other...I feel so fortunate that they came to
visit me all the way to southern California!!

And I have much to share with all of you. I learned about different
computer programs being developed in Brazil to type
SignWriting...There are several impressive programming projects in
Brazil...each one unique and serving different purposes.

I also learned about computer languages. As you know, computers are
run by software, and software is developed by computer programmers
using special "programming languages". Some well-known programming
languages are Basic, Pascal, Think-C, Java, and of course HTML, which
is used to create web sites....

And there are many more programming languages fact there is
a long list!

The programming languages that end in "ML" HTML, or XML, or
VML ....the "ML" means "Markup Language", and it is used to develop
new kinds of programs on the web.

HTML means "HyperText Markup Language"
XML means "Extensible Markup Language"
VML means "Vector Markup Language"...which provides XML-based
graphics for the web...

So Antonio Carlos is developing a new ML called "SWML", for
"SignWriting Markup Language", which will someday be used to type
email in SignWriting on the web....called "SignWriting Web
Mail"....isn't that exciting? Someday, we won't have to attach GIF
files, because we will be able to type email messages directly in

And there are more aspects to Antonio Carlos' and Grazaliz's work
with SignWriting programming. Their work is multi-faceted. Much of
this will be posted on the web in time with detailed
explanations....The work may lead to other new developments in
computer programming...For example, SWML and Unicode will someday be
intertwined to make typing directly in SignWriting a reality on
computers with or without the SignWriter Computer Program.

So right now, web designers using Stefan, Jerry,
myself and others...we all make GIFs or JPEGs. It takes a long time
to do a web page in SignWriting right now because of that.

But SignWriting web design in the future will be like typing English
or German words into a web page. Thanks to will speed up SW
web design work quite a bit!

I feel so grateful to Antonio Carlos and Grazaliz, that they have
chosen to do this time-consuming, long-term work. It is a blessing
that will in time affect all SignWriting users...

So we have much to be thankful for! The year 2001 looks very bright indeed ;-)

I look forward to chatting online soon -

My very best wishes to everyone!

Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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