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From:  denny99
Date:  Sat Dec 30, 2000  4:19 pm
Subject:  Using Systran at Alta Vista

Stefan I could not wait to view your site with
Systran's German to English translator. At the
following URL for our list folk.

Please let us know as your wonderful
work progresses. In the mean while,
will you be developing an awards page?
If not then you certainly should do so.
Please go to the following URL and select
award style one or two and let me know.

Talking Hands Award Section-Teaching Excellence

Denny Lancaster

Valerie Sutton wrote:

> On 12/26/00, Stefan Woehrmann2 wrote:
> >I have slowly been building a new web site about SignWriting in
> >Germany. Perhaps you would like to visit?
> SignWriting List
> December 30, 2000
> Dear Stefan!!
> I just want to add my congratulations to the list.....
> Your web site is terrific and I love it!!
> And I notice you have already added new photos - It is amazing how
> fast you have become a web designer ;-))
> Your site is much more than just a is a multi-faceted
> web site with animation and lots of pages to explore!
> Thanks for sharing your wonderful work with us....
> And many blessings to everyone for a very Happy New Year!
> Val ;->

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