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From:  Stefan Woehrmann2
Date:  Mon Jan 15, 2001  12:14 am
Subject:  Re: Fingerspelling Animation on German SW Site

Hi- dear friends,

I got lost over a big project - working behind the scenes.
I took photos of my favorite team-colleague while he tried to speak as
naturally as possible specific words that start with a special "Anlaut"
Then I listed all the different signs we developed to describe the
articulation. Our sound -set is really so accurat that I´m able to write
almost every German word with these symbols and any German would now what
you are talking about ;-)
You find it on my homepage: GebaerdenSchrift lesen lernen : Übersicht -
Hi Marc in Japan - hopefully this table is a help for you too ?

I use these SW-symbols in two ways.

First of all it is an enormous support for my little deaf friends to
understand the weird german articulation. The same letter has to be
pronounced differently just depending on several factors ...

Well I write the numbers or some words with these symbols.
My little students learn to pronounce these words wonderfully !

Afterwards we discuss the German way of spelling - mhh - they already know
how to pronounce -
It´s almost the same as the hering children do. At first they learn to
speak and afterwards they have to accept that the writing isn´t almost
following their feeling ...

The second area where I need these facial expressions is SW itself.

There are many signs withín the German Sign Language ( DGS) which are
difficult to identify without the mouth-movement.

I changed my way of writing a lot and these days I add many facial
expressions to the signs in my dictionary if I realize that it could be a

The students of 8th grade are a great support. They are so skilled in
reading SW (GebaerdenSchrift) as we call it here, that they tell me how to
change my spelling, or where to add facial expressions !

Well my homepage - it´s soooooo time consuming -
to all of our webmaster and especially to YOU Valerie - many
congratulations - now I can estimate much better what a great job you are
doing ------;-)

I never ever could have believed that it would take sooooo much time to get
a little project posted in the WWW. On the other hand - my homepage seems to
become an important source for Germany and ??

From Christmas up to now already 8000 people were interested . I feel very
honoured -- as the layman in computer-things that I am. Web-Design keeps me
away from transcribing SW videos in GebaerdenSchrift - ha .
Valerie - know what you are talking about ;-)

In the end I would like to tell you that I need feed-back whatsoever !

I´m on my way to slow the animated alphabet down a little bit ! Should be
ready next weekend. You can find it right now under : gebaerdenSchrift lesen
lernen and then : Fingeralphabet - scroll down the page -

All the best

Stefan ;-)

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From: Valerie Sutton
Sent: Sunday, January 14, 2001 7:51 PM
Subject: Fingerspelling Animation on German SW Site

> On 12/27/00, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
> >In order to help my young students to learn the alphabet I created
> >an animated alphabet. (I posted it on my new website with mouth
> >movements as if you articulate every single letter - watch out for
> >the Ypsilon !!) (big sigh , big smile - lot of work). What do you
> >think about reading fingerspelling exercises like the attached one ?
> --------------------------
> SignWriting List
> January 14, 2001
> Hello Stefan and Everyone!
> Thank you soooo much for the excellent web site from Germany:
> SW Site from Germany
> Your site is really growing Stefan, with lots of pages!
> Congratulations on all your hard work, and thank you for sharing with
> us ;-)
> What is the specific web page for the Fingerspelling animation GIF on
> your web site? Your site is large enough now, that it is hard to know
> exactly where to look...
> My hard drive had problems over Christmas and I had to re-format my
> hard drive. In the process, I misplaced my backup of your
> fingerspelling animation. I would love to study it deserves
> my attention!
> Best -
> Val ;-)

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