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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Jan 15, 2001  2:12 am
Subject:  QUESTION: Will we receive the minutes to the meeting?

SignWriting List
January 14, 2001

>Oh would I love to be able to participate with the meeting you
>are planning. For the ones who cannot make it, will we receive the minutes?

Thanks for this question. It is nice to know you would like to
attend...I wish you could come too!

The minutes to the meeting will be a little boring (grin). The
Year-End Report is more fun - at least it has pictures - ha! But I
will be happy to post the Minutes of the Meeting on our web site,
after the meeting is over, on February 10th. I will announce the
posting on the SW List when it is ready.

Our Annual Meeting is a legal requirement for our nonprofit
organization. It happens annually every January or February. And
since our organization is now 26 years old, we have had around 20
meetings. Some years I was living in Denmark and Boston, but we would
have the meetings "long-distance" in those years ;-)

Usually it is a casual meeting, where approximately 20 people come,
including our Board members, who are friends of our family. We sit
around, drink coffee, eat snacks, and vote for officers. Everyone is
always kind enough to vote for the same officers (grin ;-) So far no
one has voted me out as Executive Director! ;-)

Some years we hold a special SignWriting presentation for the Deaf
Community after the meeting is over. Several years ago we had 60
people attend. Some of our Deaf Action Committee members (the DAC)
explained their work with SignWriting to a group of interested sign
language students and teachers. Hearing people came from different
universities in San Diego and asked many questions. That was a
wonderful memory....

One year, while I was living in my small house, years ago near the
ocean, we had so many students show up for the presentation, that
they were standing outside on the patio, looking through the windows,
because the house was jammed full with visitors. Fortunately ASL is a
visual language, so they could enjoy the presentation looking through
windows - ha!

In recent years, our meetings have been small. There will be no
presentation this year. As you all know, for the past couple of years
I have focused on developing our web site, teaching on the
SignWriting List, and working with computer programmers developing
new software for SignWriting. So I have not been working with our DAC
members for several years. But I was blessed with a visit from some
of my closest Deaf friends on Christmas day - it was a wonderful day
to see everyone after such a long time!

I hope in another year or so, we can come together again to start a
new era of Deaf participation in the DAC. This means that I must
concentrate on raising money and saving it this year, so that I can
pay Deaf consultants in the year 2002 ;-)

In our meeting this year, we will be voting in two new board members.
Both work with computers. One new board member is a web designer who
knows how to setup interactive databases online with FileMaker. I
hope we can work together this year to build a dictionary database on
the web.

Thanks for your question!

Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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