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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Jan 26, 2001  3:50 pm
Subject:  Animation on German Site

William McGruder wrote:
>What really impressed me was the German SW page! I found myself
>Signing along with the image!

SignWriting List
January 26, 2001

Yes! I agree! Stefan's animation is amazing! I am glad you visited his site:

German SignWritingSite

I hope someday Stefan's team will give me an animation I can place on
the top of the opening page of my site too....

That will solve all my web design problems!! ;-))

Val ;-)

PS. Stefan - I know it is very hard work to create animation, so I
realize you probably do not have time. I do understand! It is just a
dream of mine.... Please send my best wishes to your animation team
(your children I believe?) Their pictures are darling on your web
site ;-))

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