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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Feb 7, 2001  5:48 am
Subject:  Re: Brazilian Sign

On 2/6/01, Charles Butler wrote:
>This looks to me like the ASL sign for "wet". Is this correct Valerie?
>The orientation of the hands is very similar and it would keep it
>from being mistaken for either the "meeting" orientation, or the
>"give" orientation.

SignWriting List
February 6, 2001

Yes...the orientation of the hands in those ASL signs are similar,
Charles, that is true. And I see you have posted another message
about those signs...thanks for that!

However, the new chart that I just posted, and Stefan's chart, and
the charts Steve and Dianne Parkhurst included in their textbook
SignoEscritura...all of these charts have made some changes to the
way those signs would be written. The new charts give more structure
and rules. Before we were totally flexible. We wrote as we felt it
looked and didn't worry about it very much. We chose a lot of was a different way of thinking. And it worked too,
since people always read those signs well. It is hard to know if the
rules really matter that much, but we are trying them to see. Who
knows what will happen in the end...only time will tell.

The ASL dictionary in SignWriter 4.3 was completed in 1995. So it is
6 years old now...all dictionaries are out-of-date within 6 years,
since new writing conventions, new vocabulary etc develops
continually, and such changes are usually added in future
dictionaries. So maybe we can add new ways of spelling these signs to
the ASL dictionary someday.

I look forward to sharing more about this later -

Thanks for your messages everyone!


Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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