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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Feb 7, 2001  2:40 pm
Subject:  Re: Brazilian Sign

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February 7, 2001

I just noticed a long message from you Charles! Thanks so much for
that...and I quickly looked at your diagrams - Thanks so much for

Of course there are diagonals!! All symbols in the entire Sutton
Movement Writing system have 8 to 16 rotations...There are definitely
rotations of all of those symbols. I just didn't get a chance to do
all the charts on this subject yet...please don't jump to
conclusions..there will be around 10 new pages on this subject on the
web, and in a new text I am writing, in time....

All of us, whether it be me, or you, or Stefan, or the Parkhursts,
are not doing anything to be concerned about! We are working
together, and I hope to explain more later...

The book SignoEscritura is absolutely fantastic and I think the
Parkhursts did a remarkable and historic book! And I am grateful to
them in so many ways...

I have guests coming in the next half hour...I only wish I could keep
chatting -

And i promise that this evening I will sit down and try to give all
of you a perspective on the different theories - there seem to be
four at the moment!

And SignNet - please relax about all this - just write as you feel
best and enjoy SignWriting!

I hope it gives you great joy to write signs ;-))

Many blessings everyone -

Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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