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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Wed Feb 7, 2001  6:51 am
Subject:  Re: Brazilian Sign

Well, Val,.

I am concerned at this latest. The Parkhurst book may be published, but if
it is consistently applied to all handshapes--the purpose of a writing
sysem--then there are no diagonals for any sign at all, including flat
hands, pointer fingers, and any other handshape, and that is just plain
wrong, regardless of charts or graphs. Objects do move diagonally. Hands
are held in diagonal positions and the writing system and the computer
software should not only accomodate it, but use it.

If you do not write a diagonal orientatiom on one handshape, then that
should, if it is to be consistent, applied everywhere. If my writing is 25
years old--and still readable after 25 years, then there is something
seriously wrong with a new system that can look at my old handshapes and
declare them "unreadable" under a new system. I have not ever wrote as I
"felt like it". I have tried to be consistent, extremely careful, and write
precisely the orientation which my hand actually has, not a "convention"
which uses only right angles.

The 4.3 system gives 45 degree angles in its rotational possibilities for
all handshapes. If they aren't to be used in this system, then they should
not be possible to produce on the software anywhere, and you-yourself, typed
every one of those orientations. The purpose of the software is to produce
a uniform, clearly typed system. If an "upgrade" removes a whole set of
handshape orientations, then the system being taught is WRONG, not the
software. I honestly believe the Parkhurst book to be mistaken, and I will
not teach that page. Attached is the page I will teach, consistently, and
if that becomes the "BUTLER" accent, then so be it.

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