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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Feb 8, 2001  4:11 pm
Subject:  Re: Brazilian Sign

On 2/7/01, Charles Butler wrote:
>I would propose doing equivalent diagrams for the back of the hand,
>parallel to the floor, as well as parallel to the wall so that
>people can see the 8 rotations in each direction of each of the hand
>shapes, at least 64 orientations for any given handshape. We should
>be proud of you Valerie, for creating a system that can do so much
>with so simple a principle. Charles Butler

SignWriting List
February 8, 2001

Hello Everyone, and Charles and Ingvild -
Thanks so much for your supportive messages and your understanding.
Sometimes it is hard for me to handle how to balance the different
choices people make. But we should also know that different theories
can be a blessing too, because it helps us all think clearly. And
many times, changes are really necessary, so we just need to try to
keep an open mind...

Finally, with your excellent diagram, Charles, I understand a basic
difference between the thinking behind the old and new theories. In
general, our older theory is based on a square for the fist with the
index finger up, not on the flat hand. But I know there are some
exceptions, and that is where I need some time to think it through.
So Charles, if you ever want a job (grin) please do a few more charts
the way you just did (with other palm facings)- The charts are most
helpful!! Then I can include them in a future lesson on the web...

Don't feel shy to ask other questions, everyone - you are most welcome to!

Val ;-)

PS. Charles, since I will be preparing the new lesson behind the
scenes, please send me the new charts privately...that way I can read
them through first... this is really wonderful ...I am most grateful!

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