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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Feb 9, 2001  3:38 pm
Subject:  Re: Sign Writing for the severely mentally retarded

On 2/8/01, Denise Larkin wrote:
>>>I have a question for the group. A friend of mine has worked in
>>>the past with severly mentally retarded clients. She was telling
>>>me of the challenges the clients have trying to find their own
>>>bedrooms or the bathroom. When I started teaching her SignWriting,
>>>she came up with an idea of using it to help the severely mentally
>>>retarded to find their rooms by using it as a visual sign posted
>>>by each door. (wow I hope that made sense)IE: bathroom, bedroom
>>>etc. Does anyone know if this has been done anywhere already, and
>>>if so was it successful? Thanks for the help,
>Denise Larkin
>in Arizona


February 9, 2001
SignWriting List

Hello Denise and Everyone -

I am so happy to hear from you, Denise! I know that SignWriting has
been used to teach children with learning disabilities. I just
received a call yesterday from someone who told me about success with
one student who is doing better with SignWriting.

I also know that Robin Homesley, a teacher in North Carolina, who
recently joined the SignWriting Literacy Project, is also working
with children with other disabilities.

In the next message, I will post Robin's web report, which I should
have done long ago! You might consider contacting Robin...

My suggestion is that you try your idea with the student you mention.
Why not? If it doesn't work, then you haven't lost anything, but if
it does, then it is worth it!

PS. A comical note: Back when I taught DanceWrting at the Boston
Conservatory of Music in the 1970's, we placed cards written in
DanceWriting on the door of each room, like the bathroom etc.
Although there is no meaning to DanceWriting like there is to
SignWriting, the dance students still learned to read DanceWriting
better because of those cards - and they were really darling
too...which helped!

Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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