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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Feb 10, 2001  4:11 pm
Subject:  Meeting, SW 4.4, and new DW Special Feature...

SignWriting List
February 10, 2001

Dear Tini, Henk and Everyone...

At 2:00 c'clock this afternoon we will have our Annual SignWriting
Membership Meeting. We expect from 20 to 30 people. Thank you,
everyone, for your proxies for our meeting. At the end of the
meeting, I will give a small summary of the past year's events, and
what is planned for this year. Of course I will mention the
SignWriting List, and your contributions!!

Thank you, Tini, for your message. I am glad to hear you are using
SignWriter 4.4! And thank you for your fax of the SignWriting written
by hand...Can you type that document now? Try...and then send it to
us as an attached file to the SW List- That will be a great exercise
- If you need help, just ask questions to the SW List. There are
several members who are skilled at using SW 4.3 or SW 4.4.

And since you are a dancer, Tini, you will be interested in a new
special feature on our DanceWriting web site, which I posted last

New dance posted:

Hope you enjoy reading it!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Val ;-)


>Hello everyone,
>Just to let you know how I am enjoying reading your messages. I wanted to
>tell you sooner but did not have the nerve to write.I am a total beginner. I
>want to tell you all and specially Valery how I enjoy the sign writing. The
>signs are very clear and make sence to me. They are easy to read. I have
>transfered several of our classworks into S.W.. The children here are
>enjoying it as well.
>What a work and time must have gone into this program!!! It is absolutely
>Thank you all!!!
>Tini Pel

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