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From:  Stefan Woehrmann2
Date:  Mon Feb 12, 2001  10:52 pm
Subject:  Re: Report: SW Annual Membership Meeting

Dear Valerie,

that is soooooooo kind to inform us with this wonderfull report. I really
enjoyed reading it and nodded from time to time : congratulations and all
the best for the next projects.

Hopefully teaching SW to all of us via the email-lessons will be possible
for you after a while. But now- working as a webmaster (ha ) more
"webstudent " on my own I understand how much work is to be done behind the

Here in Germany we are doing fine.

Gordian one of the youngest SW readers in the world is reading complete
sentences meaningfull and fluently. Itīs so funny if he his 3 meters away
from the screen and reacts to a question I typed on the computer in SW
before. He is a wonderfull - wonderfull teacher.

Today the director of our school had a visit at our class and was very
impressed - and happy about the wonderfull progress my first-grade students
had made since September.

All of them are fluent SW-reader now. They are able to understand written
questions or tasks and react meaningfull. It is as I mentioned before:
GebaerdenSchrift is a wonderfull tool at school !!!

All the best

Stefan ;-)

----- Original Message -----
From: Valerie Sutton
Sent: Monday, February 12, 2001 5:43 PM
Subject: Report: SW Annual Membership Meeting

> February 12, 2001
> Dear SignWriting List:
> Our Annual Membership Meeting this year was held on February 10. It
> was a warm and friendly meeting with 20 people gathered around a
> circular table. As always, my father, who is our treasurer, went over
> the year's finances in detail and we discussed the complications of
> running a nonprofit organization here in the US...lots of paperwork
> and lots of rules and regulations we must follow. Everyone seemed
> quite surprised at this, and commented that they didn't realize all
> the work that is required behind the scenes of an American nonprofit
> organization!
> We are a very dedicated group. Our organization is 26 years old...In
> the meeting we voted for officers. Before the meeting began, we had 8
> board members, but we voted in two new board members at the
> meeting....James and Kristi now we are 10!
> James and Kristi Short are a hearing husband-wife team. They are
> computer experts...each with different skills. And funny - they are
> not "short" at all....they are both very tall their last
> name doesn't fit them - ha!! (grin)
> James is a web designer. He is an expert with FileMaker, the database
> program we will be using in the future to create our SignWriting
> Online Dictionary Database. James is also an expert on creating video
> documentaries, that are TV quality, done on a Macintosh. So James
> will be the video editor I will work with, for our new documentary,
> "SignWriting in Deaf Education", which will have several videos...The
> first video will be about the Albuquerque public schools and Cecilia
> Flood's outstanding research in New Mexico.
> At the meeting we discussed grant writing for the FileMaker Online
> Database project. I explained the project in some depth.
> Kristi Short is a practical idealist, who believes in our work
> strongly. She has good ideas on how to reach the general hearing
> community here in the local area...she wants to help us educate
> hearing people here...and she is right...that is needed. So we talked
> about how we could bridge the gap between the hearing and deaf
> communities. Not an easy job....
> Then a reporter from a local newspaper arrived late at the
> meeting...she was fascinated by it all, but started with the common
> question from hearing people...She asked: "Isn't there just one sign
> language in the world?" smile..
> Everyone at the meeting had already discussed this at length so we
> all smiled at each other....and after about a half hour of just
> enjoying the meeting, the reporter told me she felt she should get a
> better journalist to help her write this article, since the subject
> matter was so hard for her!
> So we then had food and drink, and the conversation led to the
> wonderful web sites we have. Some board members actually came back
> later to sit and study the web sites.
> Two web sites were a big hit...
> 1. The SignBible Site
> King James Bible in American Sign Language
> by Ron Dettloff and the Deaf Church in Michigan
> Webmaster: Jerry Spillman
> 2.
> SignWriting in Germany
> Webmaster: Stefan Woehrmann
> People are fascinated by the idea that the Bible can be written in
> Sign Languages now...
> And Stefan's animation was very popular...The opening animation on
> Stefan's site is an animated German Sign Language sentence ...Even
> our hearing board members were signing along with is a
> valuable tool to teach signs to matter what the Sign
> Language!
> So it was a great meeting, and during the meeting, the SignWriting
> List was on my mind...I hope someday we can all meet each other in
> person as well!!
> So that's my report!
> All my best -
> --
> Val ;->
> -----------------------------
> Valerie Sutton
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