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From:  Henk Pel
Date:  Tue Feb 13, 2001  4:46 am
Subject:  Valerie's report

Thank you Valerie for your detailed report of the annual meeting. How nice
to have some new directors on board. It sounds like they will be a real
asset to Sign Writing. We like Kristi Short's idea to educate the hearing
people. As you say it is not an easy job, but if you have an enthousiastic
person spearheading it you can do wonders. That is why Tini is reaching out
to the young people in our community here, to make them aware of the many
things that can be learned. She just started a Sign Language club in the
public school here. Our community has only 900 inhabitants but twenty eight
children between the ages of 8-10 signed up for this club. Besides that, a
group of 10 older children come to our house once a week for an one and a
half hour session. In the evening we have a small group of adults who
participate. It all falls under the banner L.I.F.E., an organization we
formed a few years ago. It consists of volunteers who teach other
individuals a variety of subjects. Be it Painting, Writing, Dancing, T'ai
Chi, Sign Language, or whatever.
L.I.F.E. stands for Learning Is Fun Eh. By the way, Canadians are known to
end their sentences with the word "eh", such as :
"It's a nice day eh?" or " That was a nice meal eh".
See, you have learned something by just reading this. Fun eh?

About the newspaper reporter, maybe she should read the excellent paper on
SignWriting that you just published.

To Stefan,
We just received your message about your young student. How rewarding this
must be. It is so nice to receive all these positive messages.
Looking forward to your next report and to experiences of other members on
the SignWriting List.

P.S. If you like to see more of what we do in our community visit:

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