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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Feb 15, 2001  6:23 pm
Subject:  Re: SW for windows?

SignWriting List
February 15, 2001

Hello Marie in Malta!
Many thanks for your message below. Great to hear from the Maltese
Sign Language group once again ;-)

Did you know that the SignWriter Computer Program has an outstanding
Dictionary feature, that makes it possible to store over 10,000
signs, with multiple dictionaries possible? Everything you mention
below can be done with SignWriter right now, and we can teach you on
this List...Have you started using the SignWriter Computer Program?

To answer your questions about Windows...

1. SignWriter in MS-DOS combines with other Windows programs to work
in Windows.

2. You type your dictionaries and documents in SignWriter in MS-DOS,
and then read and print them in Windows in PDF format. The Acrobat
PDF format is used on Windows, Macintosh and UNIX, so SignWriter
files are now accessible on any computer!

3. I am working on a new project, called the "SignWriting Online
Dictionary Database". In the future, you will be able to
"automatically flow" all your SignWriter dictionary databases into
FileMaker on Windows, Macintosh and on the web too...and FileMaker
databases can be converted to Excel and other database
it will be compatible with your Excel documents.

4. So what is important is that you start creating your SignWriter
dictionaries right now in SignWriter 4.4, so that you can access all
the wonderful features mentioned above...

So please write again, Marie, anytime, with questions on how to get started...

Many best wishes from California!

Val ;-)


On 2/14/01, Marie Alexander wrote:
>I am co-ordinating a Maltese sign language project within the
>Institute of Linguistics at the University of Malta.
>Malta is very small (even that is an overstatement) so I am very
>lucky that there are two deaf adults currently working on the
>project. They have been learning signwriting together with two of
>the Institute's senior linguistics students and myself. We are
>thinking of using signwriting (along with glosses and possibly
>conventional linguistic symbols) for dictionary entries. So far we
>have only managed to handwrite but would like to start using the
>program. Our adviser (I am totally ignorant of anything beyond the
>usual word and excel as far as computing is concerned) thinks he can
>help us do this if a windows versions of signwriter is available.
>Can you tell me...perhaps I should know the answer already... In my
>ignorance I just assumed that it was...and that I had it.
>Have a good day!
>Marie Alexander


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