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From:  Stefan Woehrmann2
Date:  Sat Feb 17, 2001  9:36 pm
Subject:  Re: Another German web site shows SignWriting...

Hi Valerie,

just a short comment about this :-)

Karin Kestner is a well known SL-interpreter who is engaged to improve
things here in Germany. She was a pioneer with her SL- CD-Roms called 777
Geb ʰ den "777 signs"

Much more of interest however is her attempt to improve the signing skills
of little deaf children. She published a CD "Tommys Gebaerdenwelt". Many
people and schools purchased this CD. It a nice one. One of our most
popular deaf artists Thomas Zander - who is a brilliant signer -
performed the signs. Karin Kestner found an artist who made wonderfull
pictures. I show some of them on my homepage together with the
SW-transcription of the signs which are performed on the first CD.

Later Karin Kestner got in contact with me and we discussed the Making of
the CD from the point of view of an teacher for the Deaf. I asked for
articles (gender) for all the nouns and asked especially for whole phrases
instead of single signs. We are so much in need of well demonstrated
(signed ) DGS - question - answer patterns - so hopefully much of this will
come true on the next CD which is in production right now.

We agreed that I _ l support her and contribute some transcriptions of a
couple of signed phrases in SW (GebaerdenSchrift) .

I think that this will become another chance to get many people in contact
with the beautifull chance SW offers.
In the first step people will watch the videos and learn from that - lateron
they will be able to analyze, identify oder simply accept the written SW -
phrases as a written form of the movements they saw on the video. Without
too much hard work many people will get the chance of a first impression.
I like this combination and I do hope that we will succeed in our goal to
offer better materials to teacher and students to improve their comunicative
skills !

All the best
Stefan ;-)

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From: Valerie Sutton
Sent: Saturday, February 17, 2001 3:38 AM
Subject: Another German web site shows SignWriting...

> February 15, 2001
> SignWriting List
> Dear SignWriting List:
> Another German web site shows SignWriting...
> Here is a screen capture. Congrats Stefan!

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