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From:  Stefan Woehrmann2
Date:  Mon Feb 19, 2001  5:21 pm
Subject:  dictionaries

Hi Tini,

I can understand that and it the same with me. Just in the very beginning
the dictionaries are a precious gift!!
The people who pioneered to write their version did a great job to give all
of us a hint how to use the special symbols or how to arrange the various
aspects of a sign. I learned very much from that.
Today I feel independent and realize that sometimes I like more to write the
symbols on my own instead of copying them from the dictionary but this
takes a lot of practice before !!

It almost the same as learning to play an instrument or any other art !!

And that is one of the reasons that I love this writing of comics and
animated gifs so much you really get into this typing -method You develop a
cognitive map abut the possibilities of the keyboard using all the various
modes A, F, S --

There is one big problem that oft happens if beginners start to work with
SW - for the one or aother reason they happen to open the SW - program a
second or even third time. So now the program indicates - dictionary not
found - no problem - shut all SW - programs down (save!! ha ) and start

In the worst case you should look up in the Explorer (under Windows) - there
you find a list of all your SW - files and there you should find your set
(!!!!! hopefully) of dic and din files.

Another problem may occur: If you have saved your SW - version on CD and
reinstall (copy) it to your computer be sure to check the status of the
files. They shouldn be "schreibgesch zt" but archiv- files !!

All the best and good luck for your next projects.

Stefan ;-)

and what

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From: Henk Pel
Sent: Monday, February 19, 2001 3:27 AM
Subject: Happy

> Thank you Stephan for your encouragement. You have given me a "BOOST" I
> so glad I have the dictionary back. I still don't know how we did it, but
> suddenly there it was!!!! What would I do without it.I have great respect
> for who ever made up that dictionary!!!! Tini.

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