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From:  Ida Frank
Date:  Wed Feb 21, 2001  7:05 pm
Subject:  Re: Deaf in Nairobi

Hi Everyone,
It has been a long time since I have written to you. I
wanted to let you know a little bit about my trip to
Nairobi in the summer 2000.
Understanding the culture was not a problem.
Understanding the signed language was a breeze.
Understanding the spoken language was a problem. If
people did not speak to me in English or sign I did
not understand. The school was wonderful. I really
hated to leave the students. Three weeks was not long
Please keep in prayer a camp for the deaf in 2002. I
am getting training for that now. I will be helping at
a camp for the deaf in St. Vincent. I am begining to
raise the money for that now. (Please pray with me
that I will be able to find 100 people willing to
sponsor this trip for $10) I am bringing a copy of the
Easter story in sign writting with me to my next
meeting. Hopefully the board will want to use this as
an avenue for storytelling. Who knows?
Thanks for listening,
In His grip,

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