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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Feb 26, 2001  3:33 pm
Subject:  Re: New Search Engine on the SignWritingSite!

SignWriting List
February 26, 2001

The eight "SignWriting-related web sites" that are "searchable" are:

1. SignWritingSite
2. SignBankSite
3. SignBible Site
4. SignPoetry Site
5. GebaerdenSchrift
6. SWML Site
7. DanceWritingSite
8. SoulSite

Are there other web sites that you know that use or write about SignWriting?

Maybe those other web sites would like to be listed in the
SignWriting Search Engine too?

If you know of any other sites that you feel could be added, please
write to the SW List, and tell us about them...

Then I will write to the webmasters to ask their permission...

Many thanks!

Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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