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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Oct 16, 1998  7:02 pm
Subject:  Introduction New List Member

From: Lourdes Tollette
To: "''"
Subject: About myself
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 22:05:17 -0400

Hi Everyone,

I am Lourdes Tollette and profoundly deaf. I am new and interesting about
Signwriting. Let me tell you who I am. I was born Puerto Rico. My mother
told me that She don't know if I was born deaf or hearing because I had a
surgery on my eyes when I was 3 months old. So, She say better say
"unknown cause" . She was only 15 years old when she had me.

I attended Lexington School for the Deaf in New York when I was 3 years
old. I live in New York very short time of my life. My family and I moved
to Boston, Mass. I attended Boston School for the Deaf in Randolph, Mass
and live in school. It was 2 hours away from my parent's home. Both deaf
schools are oral. But I do pick up sign language from deaf student at
Boston School for the Deaf ( BSD) which was not suppose to do. Most deaf
people from BSD always go to hiding room and use sign language. If Nuns
see our signing then we are punishment. I live in that school for 8 years
and graduate. I attend Keefe Voc Tech High School in Framingham, Mass.
Deaf and Hearing are in that school and allow sign language. I pick up
quicker ASL from deaf students who from other deaf school that use signing.
They took me to deaf clubs and meet deaf people.

I believe that ASL is more clearly than oral. Lipreading had never been a
100 percent reliable because 60 percent of the English vocabulary does look
like on the lip, i.e., mail-pail, pan-man, 15-50, etc.

So anyway I graduate High School and got a good job as a computer operator
for 8 years in Mass. My first 6 years from my job, I got married and have
2 hearing boys. After 8 years of my job my husband, my 2 boys and I moved
to Michigan. I ended up housewife and take care of 2 little boys. The first
3 years here Michigan I got a hearing daughter. We settled here Michigan
for 10 years now.

How I find out about Signwriting?
I got e-mail from my friend and want me go see the web page. So I did. At
first I don't understand what is Signwrite. I read and more information. I
learn something and it really make alot sense to me. I wish here college
have the course for signwriting so I can go there and learning. But since
now there not have that course for signwriting, so that mean I have to
learn on my own. It will be very hard and a lot of practice.

Lourdes Tollette \m/

Valerie, You can and go ahead put this list.

Valerie ;-)

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