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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Mar 1, 2001  11:11 pm
Subject:  QUESTION: Why don't PDF's download?

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March 1, 2001

QUESTION: I do not seem to able to download PDF-files. I can read
them all right by using Acrobat reader, but they will not download.
Any solutions?

ANSWER: I suspect your problem has nothing to do with the PDF files
themselves, but instead with the way your web browser is
configured...In Netscape or Internet Explorer, there are different
ways to choose to view PDF files. Your browser may be automatically
setup with a PDF plug-in, which forces the PDF file to open inside
your web browser, while you are still on the web. And in my
experience, such a plug-in does not allow you to actually download
the file. Instead you are forced to read it on the web only. I have
had that happen before too, and found it quite frustrating.

A PDF file compressed with Winzip or other compression software on
the web has no problem downloading. The compression software creates
a shell around the PDF and doesn't let it open with the PDF browser
plug-in. So the only PDFs that will refuse to download are those that
are NOT compressed.

There is another way around the problem, besides getting rid of the
Acrobat PDF-plug-in in your browser....and that is to download the
uncompressed-PDF directly by a link to the file itself, rather than
trying to download from the web site page. Try clicking on this url
below, which will download an uncompressed PDF directly, avoiding the
web...see if this works and get back to me:

SignWriter 4.4, Instruction Document 9

Thanks for the question!

Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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