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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Mar 1, 2001  3:44 am
Subject:  Re: Question for you

On 2/28/01, Neil Bauman wrote:
>I'm wondering if in this particular case, this lady would benefit from
>being taught SW now--before worrying about trying to get her to speak and
>understand English--then when she can associate the SW "words" with the
>objects they represent, she might be better able to transfer those concepts
>into learning English words. (Apparently she has been in an institution all
>her life.) Any thoughts? Neil

SignWriting List
February 28, 2001

Hello Everyone, and welcome back, Neil!

Nice to hear from you again. And thank you, Stefan, for your answer
to Neil's question. Your attached GIF was really darling!

I don't think there is any one message that can describe the amount
of success some teachers feel about using SignWriting with deaf
students. There are happy and successful stories now on a regular
basis....Stefan in Germany, has been applying SignWriting in an
intense fashion, plus teachers in Albuquerque and Las Cruces, New
Mexico have posted very positive messages. I receive daily private
messages from countries like Malaysia, Spain, Brazil, Switzerland, many different stories that I lose track these much is happening so quickly!

But out of all those stories, I keep thinking of a series of messages
on the SW List regarding "teaching SignWriting to the
mentally-retarded-deaf"....Teachers Robin Homesley, Denise Larkin,
and others have had positive experiences with SignWriting and deaf
people who were considered to be slow learners...who can read and
write SignWriting well and can even teach SW to their teachers!

Plus in Nicaragua, SignWriting was taught to a series of Deaf
students who had little or no language at all, and they were
teenagers, and now, after several years of signing and learning
SignWriting, they are fluent SW readers, writers and
typists...something no one could have predicted in the beginning.

I would suggest going to the SignWriting List Archives:

SignWriting List Archive

and type in the search words "mentally retarded". You will find
messages 3607, or 4449, 4448, 4447 or 4446...or search for the names
of the teachers I mentioned above - you will find the messages in the

I hope you will be brave and suggest SignWriting to this lady's
teachers. I am guessing that you will find good results.

We have lessons online...the teachers can learn a little themselves
and then just try it - they have nothing to lose...

SW Lessons Directory

Or show the lady our web site yourself....when she sees some
SignWriting, she just might become excited and start reading!

Is there anyone on the SW List, who has had positive experiences
teaching SignWriting to slow learners?

It would be great to receive a report of your experiences...

Many thanks!

Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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