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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Mar 8, 2001  3:50 pm
Subject:  SignNet's Question: Which Viewpoint To Choose?

SignWriting List
March 8, 2001

Dear SW List Members, Cris at SignNet, and Charles...

I am happy to see that Charles has already answered your question, Cris.

Cris' question is actually about VIEWPOINTS, which has nothing to do
with Rotation Symbols.

Rotation Symbols are Movement Symbols, showing the "movement of
rotating from one position to the next".

But Cris' question is concerned with how to write the "positions of
the hands in different viewpoints and in different palm facings".

And since SignWriting can be written from the TOP VIEW, or the FRONT
VIEW, it is not a question of which viewpoint is correct or can choose different viewpoints depending on your needs.

I have taken your diagram Untitled 16, and made a few changes to give
you a perspective. Then later I will try to comment on some of your
other diagrams at the end of your question...

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Size: 6k

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