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From:  Stefan Woehrmann2
Date:  Mon Mar 19, 2001  7:39 pm

Hi Patsy ,

thanks for your long messages. I am happy to see thatyou already started
with the SignWriter 4.4 !

It's just like learning a music instrument. Just practice and practice and
within a pretty short time you will become so familiar with the keyboard
that you can concentrate on your ideas, on spelling-problems, on
fun-activities like animated gifs -- ha

Funny accident - you deleted the sign from your dictionary. Hm -

The good thing about this is - you and all of us learn a lot from our
mistakes !! ;-)

The next good message - since the dictionary is part of the download package
you have nothing to worry about. You can easily get your next dictionary ;-)

But this leads us to another problem. As soons as you start to change your
dictionary you will have a different one. You can't simply replace the new
one (your changed 001) by the original Download version - (001) That would
delete all your private changes, your own signs ...

So it would be helpfull to start a complete private new dictionary on your
own - If you switch during your typing work between the original 001 and for
the reason to fill up your private dictionary between the two of them ( Set
up Dictionary - there should be no problem !)
There is the merge option to merge to different dictionaries from the same
basis ( 001 for USA ) or (049 for Germany etc ) but I don know about the
risks - we will have to collect experiences with this !

Hi Roald some months ago you gave a hint that there is a problem with
merging dictionaies - an you comment on this with a short message - if you
find the time ??

Regarding your little accident : deleting cat (2)
The best thing would be to check your procedure again.
Just try it again and again with some other signs - It shouldn happen
again or all the time ! ha !

Usually all the signs stay in the dictionary unless you don delete them !

Question 2 : Yes the download shareware is the complete programm. You don
need any other program to run all procedures with your SignWriter 4.4
(including Column-Maker and Dictionary - Manager - which is to be executed
on the DOS - level !! )

Did you read the Pdf- Download files ?
Within the SW 4.4 Shareware you will find some files (swhands, swmovements -
.... which will help to get some ideas about the principles of SW but I
strongly recommend the email- lessons and the discussions on the SW-List!
You can browse through the archives and will find there lots of interesting

All the best and good luck

Stefan ;-)

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From: Patsy van Andel
Sent: Monday, March 19, 2001 3:39 PM

> I tried to order the "Textbook and Workbook Sign Writing" but was
> told it was out of print and no longer available. Is there another
> book?
> This is really a stupid situation. I used the dictionary to get the
> sign for cat and chose cat(2). I don't know what happened, but it was
> deleted from the dictionary. I thought I had just copied it into the
> document, but when I tried to find it in the dictionary again, it
> wasn't there. Why is that? Is the SW shareware a complete program or
> is it only a part of what is available on the computer program?
> Thanks for the help

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