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Date:  Fri Mar 23, 2001  1:58 pm
Subject:  New info

Henk en Tini, Stefan, Angus and Valerie, thank you all for your warm welcome. It's nice to know that, even though I know very little sign language, that I am being encouraged to pursue both learning to sign and sign writing. There are two introductory courses that prelude the Deaf Interpreter study at the University of Utrecht. I'm going to see if I can find out when they start and where they are. I have learned that there are two different interpretations of some signs here in Holland and it depends on where you live as to which interpretation you use. I have also learned that there is no literature especially for deaf children here. There are very few programs that use deaf interpreters and even fewer in children's programming. It's a shame. Hopefully, in time, I can get some simple picture books published (with the help of a native deaf interpreter, as Angus suggested), then graduate to more complicated stories as my knowledge of sign language increases.
Henk and Tini, where are you from? I live in Apeldoorn. My husband is Dutch and I have two children (Mark 12; Fiona 10). Have any of your relatives been struck by the Hoof and Mouth disease? It's really terrible. Healthy animals are being put down, thousands of people are out of work and there's a big chance that the farmers will go bankrupt. It's a sad situation.
Valerie, I hope you're getting enough rest. Thank you all for your support and encouragement. Welcome to the group Sandra.  I hope to learn a lot from you all.
P.S. Am I using the right term when I use deaf interpreter?

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