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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Mar 27, 2001  2:50 pm
Subject:  Re: Printing the Dictionary

>All right, tried that, I don't have a PostScript printer so the
>signs don't line up. What is the actual name of the file so I can
>send a copy to Brazil for them to print out. The only file labeled
>"Dictionary" is DICT.EXE which is an executable file not a .sgn file.
>Should I be looking on a different directory?

SignWriting List
March 27, 2001

Dear Charles, and Everyone on the SW List:

I am still struggling with poor I would like to ask a
favor.... that you post your questions to the SW List, and not to me
privately. That way, if I am unable to be online, at least someone
else on the SignWriting List, who knows the SignWriter Computer
Program, could possibly help you...

"DICT.EXE" is the name of the "Dictionary Manager Program" that comes
with the SignWriter Computer Program. So you have the right program,
Charles. In MS-DOS, type "dict" and press Return or Enter...The
Dictionary Manager program should open.

All of this is explained in depth in your SignWriter Notebook which I sent you.

What is the name of your dictionary?

If you simply added signs to the ASL dictionary file, then the name
of the dictionary is 001.

To send that large file to Brazil, you would have to send them two
files: sw001.dic and sw001.din.

You do not have to own a Postscript printer to print now. A
combination of SignWriter 4.4 and Adobe Acrobat 4.0 will make it
possible to print on ANY printer.

Have you updated to SignWriter 4.4?

You can download on the web....

Download SignWriter 4.4 Shareware
USA, Spain, Germany and German-Switzerland Versions

Download Instruction or Read Online
Learn to Type Signs with SignWriter 4.4

About the SignWriter Computer Program


Visit the SignWriting Software Forum

I hope you enjoy SignWriter 4.4!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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