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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Apr 1, 2001  5:26 pm
Subject:  Re: Greek Sign Language Dictionary

> It is nice to hear you will work for the Greek version of Signwriting.
> We write from left to right in greek and the greek alphabet has 24
>characters many of which are Roman also.
> I will sent you the material needed the soonest possible.
> Themis

SignWriting List
April 1, 2001

Hello Themis -
Thanks for this message. Yes, I believe I can create a Greek version
of SignWriter, although I am not 100% sure about the commands and
sentences that appear on the computer screen...We will have to work
with that slowly to see if we can make it work properly for you.

To create the Greek version of SignWriter, I will need from you:

1. A GIF or JPEG of Greek Fingerspelling typed in SignWriting, with
the corresponding Greek alphabet next to each SignWriting
symbol....Could you post this to the SW List? I bet people would love
to see Greek fingerspelling in SignWriting. I will use this GIF later
as my guide, when I create your Greek Fingerspelling Keyboard. We can
also use it to create a Sutton True Type Font for Greek
Fingerspelling later.

2. A keyboard map....where you want the fingerspelling symbols and
the Greek alphabet to be placed on the keyboard (the standard way of
typing in Greece, so if someone typed using SignWriter, the symbols
would show up where you expect them to show up ;-)

3. I will need you to translate 100 English command lines into Greek
that will appear on the screen. I will send you that document

4. When you send me the translation, you will need to be sure to also
provide me with the Greek fonts that will make it readable for me on
my machine...or perhaps send me GIFs of the typed lines, so I can
piece them together symbol by symbol, based on what I see in the GIFs.

You never know, by the time I am done I just might know a little Greek - ha!

This will take time, Themis, since my schedule is packed. Once I
receive everything from you, it may take me at least a month, if not
two. But I look forward to doing it...I think the Greek version will
be an excellent addition to the SignWriter Computer Program in the
long run ....

And by the way...did you say you had questions about writing certain
Greek signs in your SignWriting dictionary? Clearly I am way behind
in answering everyone's questions, but if you want to send a few
questions with GIFs or JPEGs to the SW List, go right ahead, and
sooner or later I will get to answering your questions...

And will you be using SignWriting for computational linguistics? I
have been quite interested in your discussions with Antonio Carlos ...

Thanks for your contributions....

Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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