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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Apr 10, 2001  2:34 am
Subject:  Re: spelling angle hand

>Very informative,
>>thank you, Val.
>Ingvild Roald

SignWriting List
April 9, 2001

Thank you, Ingvild! Nice to see you back on the SignWriting List...we
have missed you ;-)

I am so sorry that I missed your two phone calls - I look forward to
talking another time...

Regarding the Angle Handshape and other diagrams, one of the hardest
problems I have with the Expressive Viewpoint are finding the right
photographs to use as diagrams when teaching...

Remember the old days when we wrote from the Receptive View? The
diagrams were easier because we could draw directly on any photo to
show the visual connection with the symbol...

But in the Expressive View, we pretend we are looking "through the
back of the person", seeing our own hands, so photos can rarely be
used to diagram signs because the back of the person gets in the way
of the camera...

So it was perfect when Ilker put his hand behind his head, because
that photo was one of the rare times when a handshape is easily seen
in the Expressive I could draw directly on the photo like
the old Recpetive days!

I think we can remedy this problem by taking special is a
matter of getting good photography that shows the hands from the
signer's perspective...

I would like to build a library of photographic diagrams with the
symbols written directly on the photos, so that people can see
immediately why a symbol looks the way it does....

Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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